Doctors Didn’t Believe Mother What Was Happening to her 6 Years Old Boy. Then She Decided To Film Him and Open Their Eyes.

No doctors believe this mom when she tells them what’s happening to her 6-year-old son. But then she films him and it opens their eyes. A 6-year-old boy Tyler Saunders from Old Bar, Australia has been struggling with eczema since his birth. The inflamed eczema spread all over his body caused him extreme pain and … [Read more…]

Man Born As A Woman Has A Baby With A Woman Born As A Man

A transgender couple from Ecuador made history last year when a transgender father became pregnant by a transgender mother. Twenty two year old Fernando Machado gave birth to the couple’s son in June 2016. His girlfriend, thirty three year old Diane Rodriguez is a transgendered woman, and a prominent LGBT-activist, and the first transgender candidate … [Read more…]

She Ignored Her Blackhead For 85 Years And It Transformed Into Something Nasty

Generally, people ignore the small changes taking place on their body. But you never know how a simple blackhead or mole can get transformed into something unbearable with time. While weird cases have been reported of such gross things such as the woman who grew something creepy on her head, this 85-year-old woman ignored the black … [Read more…]