Alert: Throw Away All “Fidget Spinners” Now- Authorities Release New Report Confirming They Can Kill Your Child

You’ve probably heard about the fidget spinner craze if you aren’t living in a cave. The gadget is made with ballbearing and blades on both sides inside a plastic casing which spins when touched and are all the rage right now. However, after investigating the phenomenon, the casing and gadget itself contains dangerous levels of … [Read more…]

This is what happens to your body when you stop having sex. No. 3 makes me really scared.

There is hardly anything that contributes to a better mood or offers more fun than one of the most beautiful pastimes in the world. However, the importance of a healthy and regular sex life really is often underestimated. Here are eight great reasons why you ought not disregard your sexual life. Since this is the thing that happens to your … [Read more…]

Oncologist Urges: Consume 2-Day Meal Plan. ‘Lose Weight Fast, Reverses Diabetes and Starves Cancer’

Nutritionists, cardiologists and oncologists all agree the benefits of a plant based diet extend well beyond the extremely positive impact on the environment. In fact, you can become a part time-vegetarian, but not a full time vegetarian and still reap tremendous health benefits! I was a vegan before a couple of years ago, then a … [Read more…]

Ladies, Your Birth Month Can Tell A Lot About You. Here’s What You Need To Know!

According to some beliefs, people who share the same birth month oftentimes share some astonishing personality traits and behaviors as well. Here’s what a woman’s birth month reveals about her: January January women are quite ambitious, but they are also very earnest and conservative. At times, they tend to criticize other people and they always … [Read more…]