There are millions of people who care about their body weight; especially women are the ones who dream of losing weight quickly and effortlessly. But this is not possible. However, there are ingredients nature gives us that accelerate weight loss and burn more calories without having to make great sacrifices. In this article we will teach you … [Read more…]

Mother who has ‘miracle girl’ after suffering 16 miscarriages is heartbroken after..

Mother who has ‘miracle girl’ after suffering 16 miscarriages is heartbroken after meningitis kills her 15-month-old in just 14 hours A mother overcame 16 miscarriages to give birth to her daughter – only to lose her to meningitis. Fleur-Rose Allen, from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, died in April this year, just days after she started walking for … [Read more…]

You surely did not know this; you can get rid of unpleasant vaginal odor forever, using baking soda!

Many times women feel uncomfortable because of the vaginal odor, but it may vary during the menstrual cycle, and can be particularly noticeable immediately after intercourse. Sweating is normal and can cause vaginal odor. If you see white or yellow discharge or feel a burning sensation and irritation, itching and vaginal odor may be a … [Read more…]

Father Who Raped, Murdered 3-Week-Old Daughter Learns His Fate

A California man has been convicted for the murder of his 3-week-old daughter after allegedly sexually assaulting her. The Inquisitr reports that Matthew Warner, 30, will be spending 50 years prison for his horrendous crimes. The incident occurred in January, when Warner reported his daughter, Ellorah, missing. He said he was watching her while his … [Read more…]

THIS Is What Happens If You Stop Masturbating

Watching pornography is not considered an uncommon activity for men in a lot of modern societies. Likewise, masturbation actually has some health benefits, such as reducing one’s risk to prostate cancer. However, it can also be argued that not masturbating can be a good thing. Find out why, ahead: A study about not masturbating Redditor … [Read more…]

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Is Finally Revealed

After consuming the lives of nearly 1,000 individuals in the past year, there have been many controversies enveloping the Bermuda Triangle. As it turns out, the mystery behind all the deaths might finally be solved. Scientists have been studying the weather and cloud patterns that engulf the Bermuda Triangle and they have rather shocking news on it. … [Read more…]