Cure The Stubborn Cough And Bronchitis With This Amazing Traditional Recipe

Sometimes even pills and antibiotics do not help us relieve the persistent cough no matter how long we take them. One of the most famous and most effective way to relieve this issue is by using cabbage and honey. It is equally effective in children, adults and older people as well. You will need:

  • 1 cabbage;
  • Honey

How to prepare it: remove 1 leaf from the cabbage and put it in hot water for couple of minutes until it softens. Afterwards spread honey on it and put it on the chest. Cover it with nylon bag and put a towel or a scarf. This procedure should be done before bed time.

If you cough very hard, then you will need 2 cabbage leaves, one of them should be put on the chest, while the other one on the back. It should be removed in the morning and wipe the skin with moisty towel. If you have bronchitis, then the results will be visible after the first treatment and it should be done 7 days.

The active ingredients of the honey and cabbage as well as the warmth contribute to removing the inflamed process. You can substitute the honey with some warm castor oil.