Get Rid From The Excess Fat On Your Hips

The belly and the hips are the most common body parts the girls have struggle with. In this article we will discuss about surplus fat, which causes nervousness in both men and women, and how to get rid of it.

Irregular meal schedule

The irregular division of meals is one of the main reasons behind surplus fat around the hips. With this irregular division of meals, you send signals to the organism that it won’t receive food regularly and your organism begins to function in another way. It begins to store food, and so, in case it doesn’t receive food in time, it can continue to function normally. By doing this, you store food in your body even when it is not needed which leads to surplus fat around the hips area.


Tip: You should have minimum 3 meals daily and at least 5 smaller and regular meals during the day. Begin with the breakfast, don’t miss it!

  Fatty food and excessive carbohydrates intake

As a fuel, our body uses fat and carbohydrates. The “cushions” represent the fatty tissue which piled during time due to malnutrition, and also it is created as a “golden reserve” by our body. The carbohydrates serve as the main body fuel, so with excessive intake of carbohydrates, the organism does not touch the pilled fats, but uses the carbohydrates as a fuel.

Let the body use the fat as a fuel for proper functioning of the organism. You can do this by lowering the carbohydrates intake to the smallest possible level you can. When you do this, the organism will not have another choice, but will have to use the pilled fats as a fuel (the cushions). By doing it constantly, this will lead to a completely disappearance of the cushions.

Tip: Physical activity speeds up the metabolism and burns fat, so include more physical activities in your daily routine such as 30 minutes long walks, jogging, swimming, riding a bike, etc.

Removing bread from your nutrition should be the first thing to do if you want to get rid of this surplus fat. Sometimes, you can eat something from the bakery, but never in the evening hours. Remove the remaining carbohydrates such as pasta, potatoes and many others from your nutrition, including sugar and sweets. Include the carbohydrates in your nutrition in small amounts through intake of milk, yogurt and sour cream, since they are needed for the organism to function properly.

You probably expect to get rid from the “cushions” in a week or two, but the truth is far from your expectations. The “cushions” were created during a longer period of time, so now they will also need a longer time to go away.

Don’t measure your hips every day because you can become depressive. Start following your condition after two weeks, and then you can measure your hips once weekly. Be dedicated and patient and the results will definitely surprise you.