Here Is How To Prepare A Cure For All Diseases Of The Lungs – Plantain Syrup

Plantagp major and Plantago minor, or more familiar by the name Plantain is a plant that shows some fantastic features in mixtures with other medical plants. In folk medicine, this plant has been used for external application on ulcers and wounds, swelling, inflammations, and also as a tea or syrup for facilitating expectoration, to dissolve phlegm, in case of an ulcer of the stomach and bladder.

There are male and female plantains that vary in their leaves and flowers, but no matter which one you pick, you won’t be wrong. The only difference is their taste, but their chemical composition and healing properties are the same. The plants have remarkable healing properties, and 1-2 tbsp. of it daily will be sufficient to make you shine with energy and health.

Make plantain syrup – traditional recipe

This syrup is recommended for all patients who suffer from lung diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis, and difficulties in breathing, cough, and excessive mucous secretion in the chest.

How to prepare it: take a 5-liter bottle with a wide neck and put 2-3 cm of well-pressed and freshly harvested plantain leaves on its bottom. After that, pour 1 cm of brown sugar over them, and another layer of well-pressed leaves. Continue putting the layers in the same fashion, until the bottle is completely filled. Let the bottle stay covered during the night and in the following day fill it until the top in the same way because the content of the bottle will shrink during the night. Repeat this procedure until the bottle is fully completed. Afterwards, dig a hole in a protected location in your garden, close the bottle with a triple layer of protective cellophane or parchment paper, and place it in a pit, covering it with a plank. Put some bricks over it. Place a stronger plank at the upper part of the pit, as it is broadened. Cover the rest of the pit with soil, putting another plank over to mark the place. Let the bottle stay there for 3 months. During that time, the content of the bottle will boil in the form of plantain syrup on an equal heat with the soil. When the 3 months pass, take the bottle out of the soil and strain all the content of it, but do not use a fabric as such incomplete draining will leave too many unused remains. Bottle and close up the resulting syrup.

If you don’t have a yard, then place the bottle to a very warm place, possibly near the stove. The more the heat is steady, the more favorable the fermentation will be. If in case the fermentation process is terminated by cooling, then you will get less valuable, but not spoiled syrup.

Dosage: children have to take 1 tsp of the syrup several times daily, while adults should consume 1 tbsp. of it.