Kohlrabi Is Not Only Delicious By It Protects Against Cancer, Boosts Immune System, Manages Blood Pressure, And Many More


Kohlrabi is familiar by the name German turnip and is a round, tuberous vegetable which belongs to the brassica family (cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cauliflower), having a taste of cabbage and broccoli. These are the reasons why you should incorporate it in your diet:

  • Manages blood pressure – due to the veggie high in potassium, it helps in increasing blood flow in the arteries and when there are increased potassium levels they assist in lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease.
  • Protects against cancer – it contains glucosinolate, an antioxidant compound that produces phytochemicals that inhibit the initiation of cancer formation when broken down.
  • Contributes to digestive health – the fiber it contains help support the digestive system through adding stool bulk and promoting regular bowel movements. It also helps in cleaning the toxins from the body in a timely manner so that they are not being reabsorbed by the intestinal wall.
  • Builds the immune system – one such vegetable provides 150% of the recommended dietary vitamin C allowance. This vitamin helps in protecting the immune cells by neutralizing the free radical activity, and also activates the natural killer cell function and lymphocyte production.
  • Assists with weight loss – it is low-calorie, log-glycemic, and nutrient-dense veggie packed with vitamin C, B6, potassium, copper, and manganese. It contains slow-digesting carbohydrates and helps with management of weight through stabilizing blood sugar levels.

How to prepare it?

You may add it into your dishes and try them steamed or roasted. You may add it into your favorite stir-fry, fritter or soup recipes. You do not have to remove the leaves because they are tasty when sautéed in coconut oil.