You Should Beware of These 7 Food Frauds!

A consumer advocacy group is warning in an updated report that some of the food items shoppers see on store shelves aren’t what they seem. The nonprofit U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention has recently released a new update to its Food Fraud Database, whereby the group has documented cases of food fraud, as reported by scientific journals … [Read more…]

What To Eat When You’re Broke?

 The lower your income is, the more difficult it is to be particular about what you feed your family. This probably isn’t an earth-shattering revelation to anyone, but if you feel like experimenting, try to buy a week’s worth of healthy food for a family on a budget of, say, $50-75.  Food manufacturers that target … [Read more…]

Why You Should Never Eat At Subway!

Fast food is possibly the lowest level of food that you can possibly put in your body. It is usually fried, packed full of preservatives, and so full of salt and sugar that it’s a surprise your body can handle it. But Subway isn’t that bad, right? After all, their motto is “Eat fresh!” How … [Read more…]

Thyroid Hormone Benefit: How To Boost Your Thyroid Naturally

There will always be thyroid medication, don’t worry. While this is all getting sorted out by the manufacturers and the FDA, let me assure you that it’s possible to create more thyroid hormone naturally.  You can also make your cells more sensitive to circulating thyroid hormone. The active version of thyroid hormone is called T3 … [Read more…]

This Is Why the Government Forbids You To Use Coconut Oil!

  Few foods astonish nutritionists more than coconut oil. Enthusiasts credit the serum with preventing heart disease, speeding weight loss, and bolstering immune function. But government guidelines and some nutritionists continue to warn against saturated fat—including the 91 percent saturated fat in coconut oil. “There’s so much conflicting information out there,” says Amy Jamieson-Petonic, RD, … [Read more…]

The Best Natural Remedies for Eye Stye (Sty)

Having an eye stye (sometimes spelled “sty,” and also known as a hordeolum) is a nuisance—it’s an uncomfortable and unsightly affliction. However, there is good news for those who suffer from sties: they are easily prevented and can be effectively treated using natural home remedies. What Are Sties Styes are irritating bumps that occur on … [Read more…]

Restricted Eating To A 12-Hour Window Of Time Each Day May Be Key to Healthy Weight

Intermittent fasting can provide many important health benefits, from improving your insulin/leptin sensitivity to helping your body more effectively burn fat for fuel. It’s one of the most effective ways I’ve found to shed excess weight for these two reasons. That notion is held up by recent research published in the journal Cell Metabolism, in … [Read more…]