Recipe That Women Are Craving For: Better Vision, Thicker Hair and Younger Looks

Women who used this elixir say that their vision has improved, the skin got smoother and elastic and the hair thicker. That means that rejuvenating the face and the body doesn’t mean only cosmetic procedure.
• 100ml linseed oil
• 2 lemons
• 1 big clove garlic
• 0.5kg honey
How to Prepare:

The grinded garlic, one unpeeled lemon and one lemon without peel blend them in a blending machine. Mix the mixture with honey, add the oil and stir. Keep the mixture in the fridge locked in a jar of glass. Consume one soup spoon half an hour before meal three times a day.
How this mixture rejuvenates the organism?
The flex contains omega-6, omega-9 and palmitic acid and more than half of the fats are spiced with omega-3 which makes the flex oil the richest with plant sources for omega-3 fatty acids (twice than the fish oil).
The flex oil is also the richest plant source for important oxidants which in combination with lemon clean the liver. The clean liver is our main youth generator.
The vitamin C from the lemon is the perfect anti-oxidant which strengthens the immunity and the blood vessels.
The garlic cleans the blood vessels and the honey feeds them – micro elements that renew and rejuvenate the whole organism. This elixir of youth through the regular face and skin care gives unbelievable results.