Sleep In A Cold Room To Experience Some Amazing Health Benefits

We all know that sleeping is very significant for our health and the latest study has shown that if you sleep in a cooler room, your health will be significantly improved as colder bedrooms subtly transform the brown fat (the good fat) into a higher power and metabolism. Until recently, scientists believed that older people do not have brown fat, but they have found a very small amount (the size of a teaspoon) in the neck and upper back. This kind of fat is metabolically active. There were experiments done on mice which showed that it is very important for the sugars to be expelled from the bloodstream and start burning calories and maintain internal body temperature. There is a similar process which takes place in people as the new study published by the American Society of Diabetes in collaboration with the National Institute of Health showed. They investigated the impact of climate controlled rooms where 5 volunteers were sleeping for couple of months. They lived their standard lives during the days, but in the evening they went to sleep in the institute. They were secured with all the meals, including lunch in order to maintain the proper calorie intake. They slept under lightweight sheets.


The room temperature was kept on 24o during the first month, holding that the natural temperature will stimulate the reaction of the body and the following month the temperature was reduced to 19o in order to stimulate brown adipose tissue and not to cause shivering (which is a standard reaction at lower temperatures). The 3rd month the temperature was returned to 24o so that they could abolish all the effects of the cold room. Finally, during the last month, the temperature was increased to 27o. Blood sugar, insulin levels and daily chronic intake has been monitored. After each month, the researchers measured the brown fat of the volunteers.

The research shows that the temperature changed the volunteer’s bodies considerably and after couple of weeks of sleep at the 19o temperature, they have increase the volume of their brown fat almost two times, while their insulin sensitivity has improved, as it is affected by changes in the blood sugar.

If you want to strongly encourage your metabolism, then lower couple of degrees of the temperature in the bedrooms. This is an obvious example that reducing the temperature if our environments will improve certain mechanisms which have not been written and discussed about a lot. When you sleep in a cold room or take a cold shower, the internal temperature of the body will permanently increase, contributing to stronger immune system and faster metabolism especially in the moments when we relax.