Stop Your Hair Loss Forever Only With This 1 Minute Massage On Your Hair Like This!!!


Suffer from hair fall? This may be due to the scalp not getting enough blood supply. Luckily, there is a remedy which can help with this issue. If you rub and massage your scalp after washing it with cold water until it starts tingling, you will help activate the sebaceous glands and increase blood circulation in the area. In this way you will help your hair grow healthier.

Instructions to massage your hair and stop its loss

  • 1 minute massage test – use all fingers of both hands in circular motion to massage your scalp. At this point check if your scalp follows the movement all together. If it moves along with it, then it will suggest a healthy and soft scalp, while if it doesn’t follow the movements, then it indicates hard or unhealthy scalp, which leads to hair loss, baldness, and some other symptoms.
  • Scalp color test – if your scalp has a dark yellow color, then it represents cumulative fatigue and stress; reddish scalp represents poor circulation, lack of sleep as well as sebum secretion disorders. If you massage your scalp, you will help reduce hair loss, promote blood circulation, usefully eliminate waste products, prevent baldness, prevent your hair from becoming gray, and finally soften wrinkles on your face.