This Is How You’ll Test The Levels Of Candida In Your Organism At Your Home – A Reliable Test

You will have to do some lab analysis if you want to know the level of candida in your body. One of the most reliable test is the IG and the immune-complex tests, however, there is one which can be performed at your home. It is simple, free and reliable.

This is what you should do: before you go to sleep, fill a glass of water and leave it beside your bed. In the morning when you wake up, spit in the water, but do not try to gather as much saliva as you can, just spit what you have in the mouth. Let it stay for 15 minutes and then find a place with light and see in the glass. If your saliva remained on the surface of the water or has melted in the water, everything is fine. It is normal for the water to have bubbles. But, if the water is not clear or if there are some strings which go towards the bottom, or if the saliva has gone on the bottom of the glass, the possibilities that you have too much candida in your organism are very high. In this case we recommend you to visit a doctor or try to remove candida in a natural way.



If your levels of candida in the organism are high then you will have the following symptoms:

  • Chronic fungal infections that cause burning, itching sensation and greater secret;
  • Digestive system issues as irritating colon, bloating, gasses, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, allergies, sneezing, and stuffed nose.
  • Often coughing, sore throat, cold, asthma, food allergies, chronic tiredness;
  • Anxiety, depression, irritability, weak memory, low concertation, issues with the menstrual cycle and skin rashes.


Higher levels of candida in the body appear due to using antibiotics, weak immune system, and use of contraceptive and hormone therapies, foods high in refined sugars, diabetes, and pregnancy.