Why You Should Use Conditioner Before Shampoo?!?


We traditionally use the shampoo, and then apply the conditioner. However, you have to change this habit if you have oily hair. So, first, apply the conditioner at the ends of the hair and a bit on the roots, let it stay for 2-5 minutes and then rinse and apply the shampoo, after which you should wash well. With this reverse act, the conditioner will be taken off of the roots and your hair will not be oily, just like with the traditional method, the conditioner never takes off and the hair looks oily after couple of hours.

These are the benefits of reverse shampoo and conditioner use;

  • You will have more volume on your hair;
  • You will get the required hydration;
  • You’ll have healthier hair ad this hair treatment gets deep inside and nourished the hair, increasing its lifespan.

NOTE: use the normal washing if you have damaged or dry skin. Avoid applying conditioner on the roots. This reverse washing does not go well with every shampoo, and there are conditioners which are designed for reverse washing.