11 Math Hacks You Never Learned In School

For most of us, math is a hard subject. Many of us hated math in school and found it to be difficult. In math, only one little thing has to go wrong before the whole problem is ruined. This is what makes it tough! Like it or not, we use math in our everyday life. So we do need to know it, and we are going to teach you how to hack it.

There are some really useful tips to help us with math that I never learned in school that would have definitely been a game changer.

This list has 11 diy math hacks that are guaranteed to help you get better at math. These tricks come in handy when trying to do math in your head or when there is no calculator present. Learn these tips and you will be a math wiz!

So if you want to use these tips to help your kids succeed, or use them for yourself, this list is very helpful.

1. Instantly know how to multiply figures of 9 by remembering this chart


2. Figure out percentages quickly by using this method


3. Have trouble remembering which sign is for greater than and which is for less than? Remember the crocodile mouth


4. Learn the Japanese method of multiply by using lines


5. Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit quickly by multiplying by two and adding 30


6. Remember all of the numbers in pi by counting each words letters in this phrase


7. Quickly multiply by large numbers by 11 by separating them and adding the sum of both in the middle


8. Learn how to multiply large numbers in head


9. Add and subtract fractions quickly using the butterfly method


10. Multiply times tables with your hands


11. Find fractions of whole numbers using the zorro method