After her pregnancy was advised to throw away the dog, but she didn’t, after the dog saved her fetus two lives

When Alhanna got pregnant, people advised her to throw away her dog. However, she did not do such a thing as she loved it. Her insistence did not prove wrong. The dog later on saved hers and the life of the fetus. During her 20 weeks of pregnancy, she felt uncomfortable and thought that her spine was going to break. She believed that this were pregnancy symptoms and thought it was nothing serious. Since then, the dog looked at her sadly, used to put its nose on her, while whining and sobbing. This was very unusual for the dog. When she moved, the dog moved with her.


When this finally caught Alhanna’s attention, she decided to go to the hospital for examination. The results revealed bilateral neprhitis which caused ache in her back. The doctor said that if this was discovered later, she would have been at great danger.


After the treatment she gave birth to a beautiful boy. It came to this world thanks to the dog. Animal’s perception of diseases is much higher than humans.

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