Kill Colon Cancer Cells Only With Coconut Oil

In this newly published lab study, lauric acid (coconut oil is about 50% lauric acid) killed over 93% of human colon cancer cells (Caco-2) after 48 hours of treatment. Intriguingly, the lauric acid poisoned the cancer cells by simultaneously unleashing profound oxidative stress while strongly reducing their levels of glutathione (which is exactly what the … [Read more…]

Avoid These Foods As They Cause Cancer – Be Cautious What You Put In Your Body

According to numerous researches, cancer can be prevented and scientists estimate that around 60-70% of cancers can be prevented through the available information and diet and lifestyle changes. The following list of foods will not improve your health, but rather increase the rate of getting cancer, thus you have to avoid them. Grilled meat – … [Read more…]

Pineapple Facts That You Probably Never Heard Of

Pineapple is packed with healthy nutrients that protect us against many ailments. Pineapple tastes sweet and contains great amount of vitamins A and C, fiber, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. Strong Protection Against Cancer Pineapple is loaded with antioxidants that destroy free radicals and prevent cell damage. It provides a strong protection against severe diseases, including … [Read more…]

This is Why You Should Avoid Starbucks!

Undoubtedly, Starbucks is a coffee Kingpin, which boasts the largest coffeehouse chain in the world, with 23,187 stores in 64 countries, and annual sales of $14.9 billion, while CEO Howard Schultz is worth a mind blowing $1.6 billion. Although statistically impressive at first glance, an important question remains: are Starbucks food and beverage offerings high … [Read more…]

You Should Beware of These 7 Food Frauds!

A consumer advocacy group is warning in an updated report that some of the food items shoppers see on store shelves aren’t what they seem. The nonprofit U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention has recently released a new update to its Food Fraud Database, whereby the group has documented cases of food fraud, as reported by scientific journals … [Read more…]

Why You Should Never Eat At Subway!

Fast food is possibly the lowest level of food that you can possibly put in your body. It is usually fried, packed full of preservatives, and so full of salt and sugar that it’s a surprise your body can handle it. But Subway isn’t that bad, right? After all, their motto is “Eat fresh!” How … [Read more…]

This Is Why the Government Forbids You To Use Coconut Oil!

  Few foods astonish nutritionists more than coconut oil. Enthusiasts credit the serum with preventing heart disease, speeding weight loss, and bolstering immune function. But government guidelines and some nutritionists continue to warn against saturated fat—including the 91 percent saturated fat in coconut oil. “There’s so much conflicting information out there,” says Amy Jamieson-Petonic, RD, … [Read more…]