How To Reset Your Thyroid To Burn Fat And Activate Your Metabolism!

One guy went to see Erika Schwartz, MD, in order to get a medical advice as he was overweight and sluggish, suffering from low thyroid and testosterone levels, and developed a severe case of eczema and subsequent sleep issues. Dr. Schwartz wanted to speak with his cardiologist for changing his regimen. When she finally got him on the phone she suggested the patient takes a time off of medications that in combination contributed to his eczema. However, he hung up on her. The man ditched his cardiologist and tried Dr. Schwartz’s plan where she implemented a treatment which included boosting the level of thyroid hormones and taking him off hi cholesterol medications. He was not going to get a heart attack, she explained him that with the hormones naturally keeping his cholesterol levels low it won’t happen.

There are two thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine referred to as T3 and T4. The latter converts into the active T3 and travels into the bloodstream to different organs. These hormones affect all the organs helping them maintain optimal function. The most common issue that is connected to thyroid is hypothyroidism (underactive thyroidism) where the gland does not make enough hormones to regulate the necessary body functions. This issue results from many factors including Hashimoto’s disease (an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks the thyroid). The symptoms are: weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, irregular body temperature, brittle nails, feeling cold, mood swings, depression, brain fog, poor reflexes, and many more. However, these symptoms often overlap with other conditions, thus many doctors are quick to give prescriptions before they consider the thyroid imbalance.

The standard test which determines whether the patient has hypothyroidism is critically flawed. It is named the thyroid stimulating hormone test (TSH) which measures the amount of a pituitary hormone in the blood. This hormone tells the thyroid gland to make and release thyroid hormones; however the TSH test does not measure the amount of T3 and T4 the circulate in the blood. The issue here is that many patients who suffer from the previously mentioned symptoms will show a normal TSH result, and if they are stuck with prescribed meds to mask the symptoms, they may come across the side effects which can be worse than the ailment. Patients suffer as only the symptoms are being treated, and the main cause is not being detected.

A better test is individually evaluating the amount of T4 and T3 as well as ensuring that T4 is converted into active T3, and that T3 gets into cells in order to regulate the organs. The holistic approach of Dr. Schwartz addresses everyone and everything from hormones to diet exercise to stress to supplements. Looking at the body as a whole is better than seeing individual symptoms. Giving patients T3 is the fastest way to get them feel better. Once they feel better, their diet, exercise, and lifestyle can be tweaked.

It is very important to understand how the thyroid hormones affect our body. Our metabolism relies on the ability o our thyroid to function properly. If there is not enough oxygen and energy for the cells in aiding digestion, helping the function of the pancreas, brain function, as well as other hormones, everything will show down and not work properly.  Many patients do not understand the relationship between hormones, diet, environment, immunity, and other factors. This is such a toxic world, and out lifestyle changed. Thus we have to opt for strategies in order to compensate for the fact that we moved from our natural evolutionary ancestral history. Dr. Emerson, the founder of the Emerson Health & Wellness Center in Australia tops mold and mycotoxins produced by some fungi species on his list. Mold produces poisons which are terrible for the thyroid gland. Moreover, we consume food high in mycotoxins as well, or food high in sugar that grows the mold in our body. We do not consume foods that are protective against such toxins.

The opposite thing of hypothyroidism is hyperthyroidism that indicates there are too many hormones that circulate in the blood. The patient may experience rapid or irregular heartbeat, and sudden weight loss.

If you take an active role in your health you can identify the issues and get your hormones back in balance. You have to set the foundation first, eating only organic foods, find some movement or exercise, foster your healthy relationship, and find a good balance between work and play. If you get the basics right, then good health will follow. Moreover, Dr. Schwartz says that we have to listen to what our body says. What are your habits like? How do you sleep? What kind of food you eat and when? If you address these concerns before seeing a doctor, you can pinpoint the source of your symptoms that may be rooted in the thyroid.

It is hard to offer only one recommendation to those that seek to improve their health, but Dr. Schwartz’s logic is great. There are a lot of aspects to good health, but people can research themselves and seek out quality resources, then consult with experts, doctors, and experienced individuals.

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