Massage This Points on Your Body for 1 Minute and Get Rid Of Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Bloating and Stomachaches

Acupressure has been used for thousands of years in China. This Chinese method uses equal principles as acupuncture and the result is the same too – it promotes relaxation, wellness and treats diseases.

There are acupressure points that can help relieve stomachaches, heartburn, and indigestion. There is no need to work on all of these points. Try using only one or two of them and you will get better quickly.


Point A — Center of Power

If you are dealing with a chronic or life-threatening disease, such as heart problems, cancer or high blood pressure, do not hold this point deeply. Also, do not hold this point for a longer period than two minutes and use it on an empty stomach.

This point is placed in the middle of the body, half way between the base of the breast bone and the navel. Holding this point relieves stomach pains, constipation, abdominal spasms, indigestion, heartburn, emotional stress, including worry and frustration that can lead to digestive problems.

Point B — Sea of Energy

This point is placed two finger widths below the navel. Massaging this point helps in relieving pain in the abdomen and the lower back, constipation, gas, and digestive problems. You can press this point with your fingertips. If the pressure of fingertip is too much, you can just press with your palm. Press this point for one minute and focus on deep breathing.

Points C — Three Mile Point

This point is four finger widths below the kneecap, one finger width to the outside of the shinbone. If a muscle flexes as you move your foot up and down, then you are at the right place. Using this point will help you with stomachaches, poor digestion, stomach disorders, and fatigue.

Points D and Points E — Sea of Vitality

If you have disintegrating discs or fractured or broken bones, do not press. Also, if you have a weak back, only light touching for a few minutes is enough and can be very healing.
Point E is located in the lower back two fingers widths from the spine at waist level. Point D is located four fingers width from the spine at waist level. Massaging these points helps in relieving indigestion, abdominal pain, and stomachaches.

Points F — Grandfather Grandson

This point is located on the arch, one thumb width from the ball of the foot toward the heel. The press on this point relieves abdominal cramps, stomachaches, indigestion, and diarrhea. Moreover, it is good for balancing a person who is prone to hypochondria or frequently feels anxious.

Points G — Inner Gate

This point is placed in the middle of the inner wrist, two-and-one-half finger width below the wrist joint. Pressing this point relieves stomachaches, indigestion, nausea, and anxiety. Press this point for one minute and breathe deeply. Use a hooked thumb for a firm pressure.

After the massage, drink lots of water to remove the toxic substances in out body.

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