Stop throwing away banana peels: 10 ways you can use them!

Bananas are a popular tropical fruit with top notch health advantages. They comprise numerous nutrients, minerals and antioxidants that can enhance your typical health. But, did you recognize that the peels are very useful as nicely?

Here’s what banana peels can help you with:


Bananas are rich in potassium, a mineral which could relieve headaches. To apply them for your headache, simply put the peel throughout your forehead or behind your neck.


Rub the internal aspect of a banana peel on your warts and secure it with a bandage in a single day. The usage of the treatment often will make the warts fall off soon.


Banana peels will hydrate your pores and skin and relieve the itchiness caused by psoriasis. Simply follow a banana peel on the region 1-2 times a day and the circumstance might be long past quickly.

Itches and rashes

Apply some banana peels on the affected place and your itches and rashes on the skin will depart.

Teeth whitening

Rub a banana peel to your teeth and they may be whiter than ever in only some weeks.

Treat hemorrhoids

Banana peels can deal with hemorrhoids as nicely – rub one at the affected area for five minutes 5 instances an afternoon and also you need to feel a lot higher.

Bug bites

Rub a peel on insect bites to assuage the itching at the pores and skin.


Rubbing a banana peel on regions laid low with zits will relieve infection and inflammation whilst preventing similarly outbreaks.


Banana peels have wonderful regenerative houses which could accelerate the restoration of bruises.

Herbal polisher

Rub a banana peel for your fixtures, kitchen utensils or shoes to make them best and vibrant.