Lack of sleep may contribute many diseases, thus it may be a time to consider a better sleep routine. If you are continually deprived of the recommended sleep (6-8 hours) then it may mean that you can become very sick.

Endangering your heat and bones are serious matters

Instead of subjecting yourself to these conditions which may lead to serious health issues, you have to start sleeping more now. Consider the following as your incentive:

  • Stroke – higher blood pressure and higher level of chemicals which lead to stroke in the blood stream are connected to lack of sleep on regular basis.
  • Diabetes – lack of sleep may also lead to eating poorly because you tend to eat more at meals and consume junk food more than you would with a proper amount of sleep to back up at meal times. In this case the risk of suffering from diabetes is increased.
  • Osteoporosis – conditions related to bones may result from continued lack of sleep and this is due to decreased mineral density when you continually do not get the 6-8 hours of sleep per night as an adult.
  • Breast cancer – patients are prone to recurrence of disease when they do not get the sufficient sleep.
  • Incontinence – a trip to the bathroom may be a reason why you get up in the middle of the night, but over time this trip becomes necessary and in turn makes sure you don’t get enough sleep. This cycle actually feeds itself, then you start having issues with the bladder to deal with during the hours when you are awake.
  • Memory loss – your brain is not in its full ability when you are not sleeping enough, thus eventually you will have serious memory loss which may become permanent if you do not start getting more sleep.

If you skip couple of hours has a lot more serious consequences than just being tired the following day. Thus make sure you sleep more in order to avoid any health issues.


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